DC's Trinity Reimagined as Teenagers Is The Comic We Want To See

Artist Stephen Byrne has released a modern interpretation of DC's Trinity of heroes -- Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman -- as civilians, but with a teenage twist. The artist, who has worked on titles such as Justice League, Serenity and Green Arrow, took to his social media to share the younger versions of the Leaguers basking in the sun.

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The soulful image, captioned "Triniteens," depicts Clark Kent as a football jock with his signature hair curl, and his jacket boasting an 'S' which may well be indicative of Smallville or Superman (or maybe both).

Wonder Woman is seen front and center, sporting a trendy red jacket with her emblem, busted up jeans, her iconic lasso around her back and Amazonian wrist bands, slightly reminiscent of her revamped look from the Wonder Woman: Odyssey arc.

As for Batman, well, we can see a young Bruce Wayne with a hoodie, the Bat symbol on his chest on a yellow tee, and more so, a hairstyle that paints him with all the high school angst an emo teen can offer. He's also chewing on a toothpick, which may well be his way of coping with all that pent-up anger he has hidden deep down inside.

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