DC Announces New Outsiders Series, Lineup & Creative Team

DC Comics will launch a new Batman and the Outsiders series from the creative team of writer Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics) and artist Dexter Soy (Red Hood and the Outsiders).

Batman and the Outsiders will spin out of Hill's current run on Detective Comics and will star the same superheroes featured in his "On The Outside" story arc: Black Lightning, Signal, Orphan and Katana.

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"All I’ll say is, it is a team book with Batman in it, but the safety is off,” Hill told The Washington Post. “Hopefully it will be surprising and thrilling in ways that I don’t think people will quite expect. I’m becoming known a bit for a certain kind of intensity in my work and I think this Outsiders project will also continue on in that pathway.”

Batman and the Outsiders Cover by Tyler Kirkham

"On The Outside" ran through Detective Comics #983-987, with the final issue in stores now. The story sees Batman recruit Black Lightning to help him train some of his younger allies like Orphan and Signal while also battling the new villain, Karma.

Black Lightning, played by Cress Williams, is currently starring in his own live-action series on The CW. Orphan was a member of Batman's "Gotham Knights" squad during writer James Tynion IV's tenure on Detective Comics, with Duke Thomas starring in a Batman and the Signal miniseries.

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Batman and the Outsiders goes on sale in December.

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