DC at C2E2 tidbits: Renee Montoya, Static and more

While there may not have been a slew of big announcements coming out of DC's C2E2 panels this weekend, there were several fun little tidbits that came up during the panels, particularly during the Q&A sessions. Here are a few that caught my eye from the New 52 panel and the Superman/Batman panel:

• While Static won't be joining the Teen Titans, Bob Harris, DC editor-in-chief, did say something "might be happening with Static relatively soon." Static Shock was one of the first titles cancelled after the launch of the New 52, and I don't think we've seen the character since then (I should always ask Tom before I make statements like that). He's the most well-known character to come out of the Milestone universe, having had his own cartoon, so a return would make sense.

• A fan asked whether there would be "an answer as to Renee Montoya's status in the New 52" and whether Batwoman will be drawn closer to the other Bat-books. "Yes and yes," Harras said. Montoya took over as the Question in the pre-New 52 universe, and since that role is already taken by someone else entirely in the New 52, it's doubtful she'll be taking on that name again (though I wouldn't rule it out completely). But she had a pretty rich history in the DCU even before that, so she'd be a welcome addition.

• Fans of Orange Lantern Larfleeze should watch out for Green Lantern #20 ... apparently the Orange Lantern oath will finally be revealed there.

• Asked about a new Superman-esque character for Earth 2, Harras said there are plans for that series that "may have ripple effects for other worlds, as well."

• And finally, Publishers Weekly has the scoop on the DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology 2013, a "121-page reading guide and index to the publisher’s extensive backlist of collected and original graphic novels." According to PW, the guide "contains a suggested-reading sequence for its graphic novels and short plot summaries for the major entries." The free guide will be available in May.

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