DC argues Spanish soccer club logo is too much like Batman's

DC Comics is reportedly challenging the new logo of a Spanish soccer team, insisting it too closely resembles the familiar Batman emblem.

According to Eurosport, La Liga club Valencia C.F. sought to register a trademark for a variation of its crest, leading the publisher to file a complaint with the European Union's Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market.

As the website notes, the bat has been used in Spanish heraldry since the 13th century, and is part of the coat of arms of Valencia and other cities in eastern Spain. Valencia C.F. has used bats in its club logo since 1919, two decades before the debut of the Dark Knight in Detective Comics #27.

However, trademark holders are required by law to protect their marks, which is why in recent months we've seen Disney attempt to block Deadmau5's registration of his signature "mau5head" logo, and DC and Marvel defend their joint claim to "super hero" in the United Kingdom.

(via Screamer)

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