DC Debuts a Regal First Look at DeConnick & Rocha's Aquaman

DC has debuted new artwork from the upcoming Aquaman run by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Robson Rocha Saturday at the DC's World's Finest Panel of New York Comic Con.

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Their arc will spin out of Scott Snyder's Justice League story, “Drowned Earth,” which will be focused on Arthur Curry and introduce the Sea Gods. This sets the stage for DeConnick's plan, which involves the Atlantean waking up on a mysterious deserted island populated by regal entities of the ocean who have been thrown out or otherwise forgotten by the world that once worshipped them.

Rocha's artwork shows Arthur meeting a mysterious woman in a red dress in the sea, Arthur entering an old house on the shore overlooking the ocean, Arthur rescuing someone from drowning, and last but not least, the lady in red with a basket of flowers. In other words, we have no clue as to the narrative being spun in these exchanges, and just who are the new players on the board.

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Deconnick's story is set to reexamine the character’s roots, including his relationship with his absent mother, Atlanna, and the issues that particular hole in his life have created.

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