DC Announces Warren Ellis' exclusive deal

Official Press Release

Rolling Stone's Hot Comic Book Writer of 2000 Will Create Projects for DC's

Various Imprints

DC Comics and Warren Ellis are proud to announce that Ellis has signed an

exclusive contract for his services with DC. Under the terms of the

contract, Ellis will write new material for the publisher's various

imprints: WildStorm Productions (including Homage Comics,) VERTIGO, and the

DC Universe. The arrangement does not prevent Ellis from completing his

outstanding projects for other publishers, Image Comics, Avatar Press, Oni

Press, and Top Cow Productions.

"Several elements influenced my decision," said Ellis, "not including the

vast amount of money now swelling my Swiss account. One of the most

important of those elements was the DC system itself, from its foreign

rights sales and accounting through to its trade paperback program. There's

not a stronger or better-structured backlist in the business. DC saw the

future first, and it's getting there faster and better than anyone else."

Ellis is among the most innovative writers in the comics field and one of

its most vocal advocates for original material and creator-ownership. His

past and current projects for DC's imprints reflect this commitment and it

is expected that his future work will continue to break new ground.

His work on STORMWATCH, THE AUTHORITY and PLANETARY for WildStorm are

considered by many critics and readers to be high-water marks for writing

characters based on traditional super-hero molds, taking the team concept to

dramatic extremes. Ellis currently has two projects actively in development

at WildStorm: MEK, a 3-issue science fiction series with Eric Canete and a

major 12-issue series, GLOBAL FREQUENCY.

Jim Lee, WildStorm's Editorial Director said, "Warren was one of the

earliest outside writers to work for WildStorm and has, in my opinion, done

some of his best and most creative work with us. I am ecstatic that we will

continue to benefit from Warren's prodigious talents on a full-time basis in

the years to come."

"Working with WildStorm is just a good laugh," said Ellis. "The game has

always been played faster and looser there. We're going to pull some stunts

there over the next couple of years."

Ellis is also the writer and co-creator of VERTIGO's TRANSMETROPOLITAN, a

project renowned for its gritty satire and irreverent dialogue. His next

project for VERTIGO is an original graphic novel with Colleen Doran, who has

collaborated with Ellis on the online comics Superidol, as seen on


Karen Berger, Executive Editor - VERTIGO, said, "Warren's a class act. He's

got a discerning way of crafting stories with a creative immediacy,

producing many haunting and resonating tales. We're thrilled to have this

kind of commitment from a writer of his caliber."

"To my mind," said Ellis, "VERTIGO was and is one of the very most

important imprints in comics. My commitment to the imprint remains total."

Although Ellis has not previously worked within the DC Universe, his plans

do include at least one project for DC editors.

Added Ellis, "This deal does mean that I will finally have to do the DCU

project I infamously promised Joey Cavalieri I'd produce with him when he

returned DC Comics nearly six years ago. I was kind of holding out in the

hope that he'd die of old age before I got around to it, but no such luck.

Since I'm going to be around DC a while, it's time I kept my promise."

"It's great for the DCU to have this door open to Warren, said Mike Carlin,

Executive Editor - DCU. "We hope he'll jazz things up here even more than

they already are!"

Ellis, named "HotComic Book Writer" in 2000" by Rolling Stone Magazine and

"It Comic Moralist" in 1999 by Entertainment Weekly, began his comics career

at Blast! Magazine and Tundra UK. Among his past credits are Ruins, Thor,

Wolverine, and Excalibur at Marvel,and Lazarus Churchyard and City of

Silence at Image. In addition to TRANSMETROPOLITAN and PLANETARY, Ellis is

currently writing RED and FASTER for Homage Comics. He is a consultant to

the comics advocacy site Artbomb.net and moderates the most active comics

discussion area on the web, the Warren Ellis Forum.

In addition to his comics work, Ellis has written the screenplay for the

in-development animated film Mindbridge, as well as the critically-acclaimed

computer game Hostile Waters. His prose fiction has been published in the

magazine Nature and an episode of the UK TV program Pulp was devoted to his


Further details on his upcoming projects will be released as they become


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