DC Announces Upcoming CMX Manga Titles

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CMX, the new DC Comics amanga imprint, announced today that they have added four titles to the publishing schedule for 2005 and released the details for a fifth, previously announced series.

The new titles are:

*THE DEVIL DOES EXIST (by Takanashi Mitsuba from Shueisha)

Rating: TEEN; Genre: DRAMA; Number of volumes: 11; Volume 1 slated for March

Originally serialized in Bessatsu Margaret, this 11 volume series chronicles the life of Kayano, a shy girl whose single mother is engaged to her high school principal. As if that's not bad enough, her principal is the father to Edogawa Takeru, Kayano's devilishly handsome schoolmate, who intimidates teachers and seems hell bent on wrecking her social life. School life is a drag, and home life is no better. Sometimes it seems like the Devil really does exist!


Other titles by Takanashi Mitsuba include Tenshi no Pocket, Beniiro Hero, Ohisama no Hana, and Bikou Route.

*SWORD OF THE DARK ONES (by Kotobuki Tsukasa from a story by Yasui Kentaro from Kadokawa Shoten)

Rating: MATURE; Genre: FANTASY; Number of volumes: 3; Volume 1 slated for March

First serialized in Shonen Ace under the title RAGNAROK, this fantasy series, set in late-medieval land of Asgard, has horrific monsters, hardened mercenaries, and beautiful women. At the heart of the story is Leroy, a former high-ranking member of the Guild of Mercenaries, who is renowned for his ability to slay monsters. Many try to hire him for his superior skills, but Leroy has his own agenda. He has a mission to accomplish, a vow to fulfill. This vow is known only to himself, and his one companion-his sentient long-sword Ragnarok.


In addition to SWORD OF THE DARK ONES, artist Kotobuki Tsukasa has done the character designs for film and television in Japan.

*TENRYU: DRAGON CYCLE (by Matoh Sanami from Akita Shoten)

Rating: TEEN; Genre: FANTASY, adventure, shojo; Number of volumes: 6; volume 1 slated for April

From the popular creator of FAKE, comes a shojo fantasy featuring two sword-packing brothers must find their father's killer in ancient war-torn China. As they search for revenge, they are sidetracked into adventure, stumbling upon the secrets of their origin, while meeting up with plenty of weapon-wielding women and foes only too happy to take them out before they finish their quest.


Matoh Sanami was born in Oita prefecture, Japan. She made her debut in 1990 with "Tenshi no Soba" (Beside the Angel). Other titles by her include King of the Penguins, Be-ing, Tenshi No Katawara, (Beside the Angel), Full Moon ni Sasayaite (Whisper to me under the Full Moon), and Fake.

*SEIMADEN (by Higuri You from Kadokawa Shoten)

Rating: TEEN; Genre: FANTASY, shojo; Number of Volumes: 10; Volume 1 slated for June

First serialized in Asuka Fantasy DX, SEIMADEN explores the question: just how far will a man go for a love that surpasses death? In the series, a man becomes a demon in order to be reunited with the women he loves, but will she still love him after such a ghastly sacrifice?


Other titles by Higuri You include Azel Seimaden, Gorgeous Carat, Lost Angel

Shinkyoku (New Song), Ramen Ikaga?!, Cutlass, Ludwig II, Zeus, Kamen no Romanesque, Poison, Cantarella, and The Almost Legendary Shannon.

Today, CMX also announced details on the previously announced MONSTER COLLECTION: THE GIRL WHO DEAL WITH MAGIC MONSTERS Volume 1 (by Itoh Sei based on a story by Yasui Hitoshi from Kadokawa Shoten):

The first volume of this six volume shonen title will be released in March 2005. First published in Monthly Comic Dragon, the series chronicles the adventures of Kasche Arbadel, the most promising Summoning student in the School of Sorcery. When a magical relic is stolen from the Summoning department's vaults, Kasche is sent in pursuit and uncovers an evil plot to overthrow the kingdom. Together with a ditzy demon with killer curves, a Dread Knight mercenary, and a Dragon Master/prankster, Kasche must save the day.

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