DC Announces Superman Crossover "H'el On Earth"

This fall, DC Comics will make a move to draw its Superman group of titles closer together even as it tears the Superman family apart. In November, across the 14th issues of "Superboy," "Supergirl" and "Superman," the publisher will launch a crossover story called "H'el On Earth" featuring an all-new villain culled from Krypton's mysterious past. The company announced its move on its The Source blog.

The action starts in "Superboy" #14 by Tom DeFalco and R.B. Silva where the Teen Titans and Supergirl hold witness to the Teen of Steel's horrific takedown before "Supergirl" #14 by Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar where Kara "finds herself agreeing with [H'el's] pro-Krypton/anti-Earth plans."

The crossover will wrap with "Superman" #14 where the Man of Steel enters the fray by Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rockafort in a battle with a villain DC described as "a creature of unknown Kryptonian origin who is not only more powerful than Superman, but is also smarter than Supergirl and more lethal than Superboy."

Check out the covers below, more info on The Source and stay tuned to CBR News for more on "H'el On Earth."

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