DC announces 'Superman' 10 cent issue for January

[Superman: The 10 Cent Adventure]Last year DC rolled out a promotion that made the pocket books of comic fans very happy: "Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure." The title said it all. A full-length comic book with a cover price of only $.10 cents. That issue helped launch the "Bruce Wayne: Murderer" storyline. While official print run details were never released by DC, reliable estimates put the print run at close to 1 Million copies. The campaign was a major success for DC Comics and the promotion inspired cross-town rival Marvel Comics to offer the first issue of Mark Waid's run on "Fantastic Four" for only $.09 cents. This January, DC Comics will be recycling this idea again, rolling back the price for "Superman: The 10-Cent Adventure."

Announced by DC late Monday, this all-new, 32-page book will feature the debut of new "Superman" creative team writer Steven T. Seagle, penciller Scott McDaniel and inker Andy Owens. The teams run on "Superman" begins with issue #190, arriving in stores in February. "Superman: The 10-Cent Adventure" will be written with the first time reader in mind, introducing key characters in the book and hinting at future storylines that will run throughout the Superman books in the coming year. DC said, "The story, 'Truth,' introduces a surprising, powerful new foe called Amok, along with the mysterious Futuresmiths, the shadowy power behind Amok's attacks on the Man of Steel."

"The response we got from retailers and readers on 'Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure' was truly phenomenal, and its momentum continued across the entire Batman line through 2002," said Bob Wayne, DC's Vice President - Sales & Marketing in a release. "Now, DC is reaching out to anyone who's ever enjoyed Superman's movies, TV series or comic book adventures, as well as anyone who buys comics on a regular basis."

"Steve, Scott and Andy really explode out of the starting gate with this issue," said DC Comics Senior Editor Eddie Berganza in the release. "Not only is this an fast-paced, exciting issue, it's also a great jumping on point for new readers - and wait 'til you see page 22!"

"Superman: The 10-Cent Adventure" will be solicited in the November issue of Previews (Volume XII, #11) with an in store date of January 1, 2003.

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