DC Announces Strange Adventures from King, Shaner and Gerads

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Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner are about to go on some Strange Adventures.

Just a day after King and Gerads's Mister Miracle won multiple Eisner Awards, DC announced that those creators' next series would focus on the cosmic hero Adam Strange.

After Gerads teased several images of Strange on his Twitter, DC made the official announcement, and showed off art from the series, which is due out next year, this morning.

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The artwork casts two dramatically different versions of Strange. Shaner's artwork depicts Strange as a smiling hero in a sunny, futuristic world, while Gerads' image shows Strange covered in shadow with phrases like "Stranger Danger," "I kill," "War Criminal," and "Space Liar!" scrawled across it.

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This suggests the same kind of dark, psychological approach to the semi-obscure DC character that made Mister Miracle a success.

Gerads teased the announcement by posting pictures of subtle Strange and Strange Adventures cameos from Mister Miracle and Heroes in Crisis.

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Created by Julius Schwartz and Murphy Anderson, Adam Strange debuted in 1958's Showcase #17 Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. After Strange, a human archaeologist, got caught in a Zeta-Beam, he found himself transported to the distant alien world Rann. After befriending the scientist Sardath and romancing his daughter Alanna, Strange's became Rann's hero. Never knowing when the Zeta-Beam's waning effects would send him back to Earth or back to Rann, Strange famously became "the Man of Two Worlds."

Strange had starring roles in a few miniseries and titles like Strange Adventures, an anthology sci-fi series that ran from 1950 to 1973. With his hi-tech alien arsenal, Strange has been an occasional Justice League ally and a bit player DC's larger cosmos. Strange has also struck up a tense partnership with Hawkman that reflects the tense relations between Rann and Hawkman's ancestral home Thanagar.

Strange Adventures, by Tom King, Evan Shaner and Mitch Gerads, is set to launch in 2020.

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