DC announces new release date for 'DK2 #3'

Press Release

DC Comics announces that the third and final issue of 'THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN!' will have an in-store date of July 31. DC will take order adjustments on this issue from retailers.

"We realize retailers and readers have been anxious for this issue and for the news of its release," said Bob Wayne, DC's Vice President - Sales & Marketing. "Having read issue #3 myself, I can attest to its quality and to the level of satisfaction people will have on the conclusion of this groundbreaking story."

"Good things take time," said Bob Schreck, DC Group Editor. "We didn't anticipate such a delay when we started out and thank everyone for their patience. I am confident it will be well worth the wait."

Retailers may make order adjustments through Diamond Comic Distributors beginning on June 19 until June 28.

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