DC Announces Details of The Dark Knight Stikes Again Promotions

Official Press Release

In 1986, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS revolutionized comics. Now, Frank Miller and Lynn Varley are poised to redefine Batman again as THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, the most anticipated comics sequel ever, hits stores this December, with issue #1 arriving in stores beginning on December 5 with staggered shipping options available through the following three Wednesdays. As a reminder, DC Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors allow qualifying accounts to extend billing an extra 30 days.

THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN already has had high profile coverage in publications from Diamond as well as in the trade press. To help retailers generate further excitement and awareness of this event, DC supports DK2 as outlined below:

Promotional Materials

  • 24" x 72" oversized poster scheduled to arrive in stores on November 7
  • Countertop display scheduled to arrive in stores on November 28
  • 10" x 13" "Now on Sale" window poster scheduled to arrive in stores on November 28

"THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN presents a tremendous opportunity for retailers to excite their regular customers and to attract new and even 'lapsed' comic book readers," says Matt Keller, Manager - Marketing Services.

To reach these customers, DC is publicizing and advertising this project to both regular and occasional comics readers. These efforts include:

Mainstream Publicity

  • Since the announcement of DK2, Miller and the Dark Knight have landed on the pages of Entertainment Weekly's exclusive "It List" and Rolling Stone's "Hot List." With articles planned to appear in Spin and Maxim, Peggy Burns, DC's Publicity Manager, anticipates a groundswell of coverage from national and local entertainment journalists who are already clamoring to cover this landmark event.

Co-op Ad Slick

  • Scheduled to arrive in stores on November 21

House ads

  • Color house ads for each issue of THE DARK STRIKES AGAIN

Trade ads in

  • Wizard: ads in issues #124, in stores November 28; and #125, in stores December 26
  • Comic Shop News: back cover ads in issues #753, in stores November 16; #754, in stores November 23; #755, in stores November 30; and #756, in stores December 7
  • Comics Buyer's Guide: inside front cover ads in issue #1460, in stores November 9; and #1464, in stores December 7
  • Comics & Games Retailer: ad in issue #118, the Industry Directory issue, in stores in December
  • Comics International: ad in issue #139, in stores October 26
  • Sketch Magazine: ad in issue #11, in stores November 25

Outreach ads

  • GamePro Magazine: ad in issue #159, in-stores mid November
  • Dark Age of Camelot Strategy Guide: ad in its mid-November edition


  • DC DIRECT SHOWCASE #3: scheduled to arrive in stores on October 31 and featuring THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN STATUE

Website Promotion

  • Flash animation trailer at dccomics.com scheduled to be on the website in late November

"Bob Schreck, the editor on the project, was kind enough to give me copies of the first two issues of the series to read," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "I'm now extremely confident that fans will be excited by it. In fact, they're going to be bowled over by just how good it is. I have every expectation that this enthusiasm will translate into phenomenal sales on each issue."

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