DC announces Dark Knight #2 shipping plan, payment options for retailers

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to announce the staggered shipment plan put in place for that THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #1 will be implemented again for DK2 #2. Orders may be placed for this issue on four separate order lines of the November Previews Retailer Order Forms.

THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #2 is scheduled to arrive in stores as follows:

  • Copies ordered on the FIRST order line will arrive 1/16
  • Copies ordered on the SECOND order line will arrive 1/23
  • Copies ordered on the THIRD order line will arrive 1/30
  • Copies ordered on the FOURTH order line will arrive 2/6

"We're confident that this innovative approach to ordering will enable stores to better anticipate the flow of consumer demand as word of mouth excitement about the series spread," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "Of course, there will be additional copies of the issue available for reorder beyond the initial four ship weeks."

Please note that, as with issue #1, any reorders will not affect original orders, and that copies cannot be shuffled to arrive earlier than indicated on your original order. All orders will count toward February discount levels.

As with issue #1, DK2 #2 will be warehoused at all six Diamond Distribution Centers, in Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Plattsburgh, Star/Tru, and in the U.K in Warrington.

Also, Diamond Comic Distributors announces that the 30 day extended billing option from DK2 #1 also will be available to retailers for issue #2, based on their qualification criteria. This option applies to initial orders only.

Also, please note that due to a typographical error in last week's DIRECT CONTACT, the dimensions of the DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN promotional poster were listed incorrectly in last week's DIRECT CONTACT (#314). The correct dimensions are 24" x 72".

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