DC announces <i>Blackest Night</i> follow-up: <i>Brightest Day</i> [Updated]

"DC Comics this morning announced Brightest Day, the long-rumored follow-up to its bestselling Blackest Night crossover event.

On the DC Universe blog, Executive Editor Dan DiDio described Brightest Day as a 26-issue biweekly series that will debut in April with an Issue 0. The comic will be written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi.

The title, like Blackest Night, is derived, of course, from the first line of the Green Lantern oath: "In brightest day, in blackest night ..."

Fernando Pasarin (The Outsiders, Justice Society of America) will pencil Brightest Day #0. However, no artists were announced for the rest of the series. More details are promised later this morning.

Update (12:27 p.m. PST): This afternoon, DiDio announced that newly DC-exclusive artist David Finch will provide the covers for Brightest Day.

And in an interview with IGN.com, Johns revealed that some of the central characters from Blackest Night, such as the Atom and Mera, will be seen in Brightest Day.

"We're introducing new characters, rebuilding some classic DC heroes and villains, and at the same time bringing in new concepts and ideas," he said. It's a lot like what we've done with Green Lantern. ... That's what I'm hoping Brightest Day accomplishes in the DCU – taking characters and concepts that have been around for a long time and reintroducing them in big ways and with new elements. That's a lot of why, in Blackest Night, you'll see a lot of characters confronting the past, because it's time for us and them to put the past to bed so characters like Ray Palmer can move on to the next adventure and next step."

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