DC Annnounces "War of The Green Lanterns Aftermath"

In an era where every comic publisher is trying their best to make waves in the marketplace, DC Comics is hoping that their current string of events will crash over into more interest in their top properties - including incoming movie hero Green Lantern.

Today on their The Source blog, the publisher announced that this July, they'll start a special two-part series called "War of The Green Lanterns Aftermath" by Tony Bedard and Miguel Sepulveda. The comic marks the second such series from DC - the first being "Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search."

While at this point there is very little about the book known outside the creative team, the revealed cover by Dave Johnson hints that a bloody end may befall one of the core Green Lanterns of earth.

Last week in an exclusive interview with CBR News on the event that's currently serializing through DC's three Green Lantern monthlies, franchise mastermind Geoff Johns explained the story saying, "I wanted to get back to Hal, Guy, John and Kyle. It's like we're going back to 'Rebirth.' With Parallax, the power battery and Krona, I wanted to hearken back to the original story I did but do it on a different scale. I wanted to get back to exploring the relationship between the four Earth Lanterns and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, and I guess it's still not grounded because of the scope of what we're dealing with. It's as grounded as the Green Lantern Corps gets, and I wanted to ground it in these four guys -- turning the stories back on them to reexamine where they are and where they're going to go. They've been working side-by-side for so long and pretty well since 'Rebirth.' We're going to see how that all works out in this story."

For more, check out The Source, and stay tuned to CBR in the days ahead for more from Tony Bedard on "War of The Green Lanterns."

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