DC and Marvel Collide at E3's efocus Pre-Show

How do you make a geek happy? Video games? That's good. Hot girls? OK. Hot girls dressed as superheroes? Even better. Hot girls dressed as superheroes passing out free comic books while surrounded by video games, free food and an open bar?


Before the main show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) started in Los Angeles, journalists were invited to efocus, an event held by Pepcom, to promote certain select games and equipment. Companies such as Dell Computers, Voodoo, JAKKS Pacific and more displayed their newest products in a room decked out in a superhero theme.

The comic book theme was in full force. The first 50 people to attend the event received metal lunch boxes with characters such as Batman, Superman and Spider-Man on them. There was also a martini bar made out of ice with several lunch boxes frozen into it. Life size superhero artwork also adorned the walls, with a Superman in front of the American Flag being the centerpiece. There was even a small eating area dubbed the Hall of Justice.

And of course there were also the "booth babes." Models dressed as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl circulated amongst the crowd, handing out free issues of Marvel and DC comics.

Most of the products on display were "higher end" than most of the things that will be shown over the next few days at E3. The latest top of the line gaming computers from Dell and Voodoo were spotlighted, as well as a $900 virtual reality system.

There were a few items of interest that weren't bank breakers, however. JAKKS Pacific showed off their latest Plug & Play TV Games line, video games that run around $20 that don't require a system. Among their latest offerings were games for the Fantastic Four, Star Wars and The Batman.

Another interesting booth was Logictech, who had a full line of PSP peripherals, including carrying cases, headphones and better speakers. There was even a hard plastic screen protector that ran under $10.

All in all, the event pales before the real E3. But nothing beats hot women dressed as superheroes passing out free comics and alcohol. Here's a handful of pictures from the event.

Jeremy Goldstone is the host of the the GameBreakers podcast at http://www.videogameradio.com.

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