DC alum Ron Perezza teams with Daniel Govar for webcomic, think tank

It seems almost every new digital comics project announced is "destined" to change the industry and the way comics are read. Sometimes however, people find it's not about reinventing the medium but about simply providing new stories for it and an easier way to read it.

Ron Perazz, former vice president of online for DC Entertainment and former vice president of comiXology, has teamed with artist Daniel Govar on a three-pronged foray into comics online: a website, a comics reader and a venue for works of that kind. Comic Book Think Tank will play host to all of this, working as one part incubator and one part firing range to test out new ideas and to showcase webcomics from the team. Their first offering is a science-fiction-themed series called Relaunch that's available now on their website both for desktop and mobile devices.

Going with that, Perazza and Govar have facilitated the release of a shareware digital comics viewer called the Yanapax Viewer that's compatible with all current browsers, including Safari for the iOS. Unlike some other viewers, the Yanapax system was designed specifically for digital comics.

According to Perazza, Comic Book Think Tank is a direction he's been pushing from the time he's worked at Marvel Interactive to DC Online and even Zuda Comics -- "clean clean comic storytelling" that acknowledges where comics have come from while recognizing how they're read today. "It's a website dedicated to exploring digital comics created specifically for online and tablet reading while sharing the results and technology used in their creation."

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