Dawson Returning For More "Daredevil," Additional Marvel/Netflix Series

Following a warm reception from fans of Marvel and Netflix's first series, "Daredevil," Marvel has announced that Rosario Dawson will reprise the role of Claire Temple in that series' forthcoming second season as well as other series produced as part of the studio's deal with the streaming service. The announcement reveals that this development is part of a larger, exclusive TV deal with Dawson that will allow her to appear on other Marvel/Netflix series, which includes 2015's "A.K.A. Jessica Jones," 2016's "Luke Cage" and the unscheduled "Iron Fist" and "Defenders" shows.

"After working with Rosario in the first season, we knew instantly that we had to have her back for our second," said Executive Producer/Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb. "Claire Temple proved a fan favorite in Season 1, and we can't wait for fans to see all the plans we have for her next."

In her role as nurse Claire Temple, Dawson shared many scenes with "Daredevil" lead Charlie Cox as she patched him up following a number of grisly fights. While not confirmed, it's possible that Dawson's character could appear in other Netflix series in a similar capacity, assisting heroes with their post-battle wounds in a role similar to Marvel Comics' Night Nurse. Additionally, the comic book version of Claire Temple shares a romantic history with Luke Cage and appeared as a supporting character in "Power Man and Iron Fist" in the late '70s and early '80s.

"Daredevil" season two arrives on Netflix in 2016.

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