<i>Dawn of the Planet of the Apes</i> Enlists <i>Zero Dark Thirty</i> Star

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has a star -- a human one, that is. We've known that Andy Serkis would return as Caesar, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will star Jason Clarke.

The Australian actor broke out recently with Zero Dark Thirty, he's also known for roles on such television series as The Chicago Code and Brotherhood and in films like Lawless and Public Enemies. He's also playing auto shop owner George Wilson in Baz Luhrman's upcoming Great Gatsby adaptation.

While nothing has been revealed about Clarke's part, we do know a few details about the sequel. First, it's set 15 years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes and focuses on a group of scientists, some of the few people left in simian-controlled San Francisco. Meanwhile, Caesar, the ape who lead the revolution in the first film, struggles to hold on to his power after all these years.

In October, Fox announced that Cloverfield and Let Me In director Matt Reeves would jump in to helm the film after the departure of Rupert Wyatt. Mark Bomback (The Wolverine, Live Free or Die Hard) took a pass at the script, which was first written by Rise writers Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa. If you're curious, THR also reports that Wyatt's next film will be a big screen adaptation of the '80s CBS series The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is expected to start shooting in the spring for a May 23, 2014, release.

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