Davis & Oni return to hell with 'The Marquis' this February

Official Press Release

[The Marquis]Oni Press is pleased to announce the return of Guy Davis' THE MARQUIS in an all-new 2-issue miniseries. Debuting this February, THE MARQUIS: HELL'S COURTESAN helps bridge the gap between the recent DANSE MACABRE miniseries and the next major MARQUIS project DEVIL'S REIGN. Set again in the fictional land of Venisalle, HELL'S COURTESAN finds Vol de Galle, the Marquis, back from the pits of Hell and forced to confront a new incarnation of an old evil.

"This new series finds Vol de Galle with a little competition in his battle to purge the damned of Venisalle. Someone is getting to the possessed townspeople before he is and they're making quite a mess," commented series creator Guy Davis. "It's up to the Marquis to determine which side of the war between Earth and Hell this new player is on. A mystery that's not so much a 'whodunit' as a 'whydidit.'"

"Guy is a busy man and we knew there was going to be some time before he could create the next act in the MARQUIS saga," added series editor James Lucas Jones. "But Guy was so overwhelmed by the success of the first series that he really didn't want to keep people waiting anymore than he had to. A couple shorter stories set between the longer character arcs seemed like the perfect solution."

While this series may be a break between the full-length MARQUIS miniseries, it's definitely not a breather for the main character.

"Vol de Galle's crusade takes an unexpected turn in this story," explained Davis. "The Marquis is used to fighting the devils of hell and the church controlled state, but when a young courtesan enters the fray things get a little more complicated."

HELL'S COURTESAN is the first of two interlude stories set to come out before the next major MARQUIS story, DEVIL'S REIGN. The second of these shorter miniseries, THE MIDWIFE, is scheduled for the third quarter of 2002.

"The first MARQUIS series introduced people to this creepy and almost familiar world," Jones concluded. "Now that the introductions are over, Guy is really taking things to another level. DANSE MACABRE was just the beginning and there's still a long, twisted road to travel before we reach the end. HELL'S COURTESAN is just one small stopover on the big trip."

THE MARQUIS: HELL'S COURTESAN is a two-issue miniseries debuting this February. Each issue retails for $2.95 and features an all-new, color cover by Guy Davis & Vince Locke. This comic is intended for mature readers. Issue 1 is scheduled to ship to comic book stores on February 27, 2002.

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