Davis & Oni return to hell this may with 'The Marquis: A Sin Of One'

Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the return of Guy Davis' THE MARQUIS in an all-new one-shot. Slated for a May release, THE MARQUIS: A SIN OF ONE continues the string of shorter stories that take place between the first volume, DANSE MACABRE, and the next major MARQUIS project DEVIL'S REIGN. Returning to the fictional land of Venisalle, A SIN OF ONE sees Vol de Galle after a new demon, one who hops from host to host, leaving a pile of bodies in his wake.

"This one-shot picks up with Vol de Galle hot on the heels of a minor devil who uses the townspeople for murder, then commits suicide to elude the Marquis and escape into another body," commented series creator Guy Davis. "The Marquis is used to fighting evil with bullet and blade but now he's up against something that can use death to its advantage!"

"Guy is a hot commodity in comics. He's a gifted storyteller with a distinctive style and an eye for detail. His talents are so in demand that we knew there was going to be some time before he could create the next act in the MARQUIS saga," added series editor James Lucas Jones. "But of all his work, THE MARQUIS is by far the closest to Guy's heart. He couldn't walk away from the mask of the Marquis any easier than Vol de Galle could. A few shorter stories set between the longer character arcs seemed like the only solution."

A SIN OF ONE is the second of three interlude stories set to come out before the next major MARQUIS story, DEVIL'S REIGN. The last of these shorter projects, a three-issue miniseries titled THE MIDWIFE, is scheduled for early 2004. And to make this special, albeit brief, return to Venisalle even more extraordinary, this tale is wrapped in an all-new cover by Michael Gaydos, the artist of Marvel's ALIAS!

"The MARQUIS series continues to give us the tour of a cold land filled with all sorts of chills," Jones concluded. "Now that we're accustomed to the frightening landscape, Guy's ready to guide us deeper into the bizarre and macabre world of Vol de Galle."

THE MARQUIS: A SIN OF ONE is a one-shot debuting this May. It retails for $2.99 and features an all-new, color cover by Michael Gaydos. This comic is intended for mature readers and is scheduled to ship to comic book stores on May 21, 2003.

Visit The Marquis website at www.onipress.com.

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