David Wohl Takes Pride In "Se7en"

Official Press Release

David Wohl, co-creator of Witchblade and The Darkness, has signed on to script Pride, the fifth installment in the Se7en series from Zenescope Entertainment and New Line Cinema. Se7en features the origin of John Doe, one of the most nefarious big screen villains of all time.

"Few films have impacted the mental landscape of the movie going public quite like Se7en," says Wohl, the former Editor-In-Chief for Top Cow Productions. "David Fincher's bleak masterpiece spawned dozens of imitators but none can match the original. I'm thankful that Zenescope has chosen me to write this issue."

The second installment of Se7en, Greed, reaches store shelves in early December. The first issue, Gluttony, sold through its initial Diamond orders in a day and is now available for re-order through the distributor or online at www.zenescope.com

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