David Tischman Explores Superhero Fashion in "Heroine Chic"

Writer David Tischman is primarily known for dark and supernatural material in his comics career, from his collaborations with Howard Chaykin to IDW Publishing's True Blood series. So his latest move may come as a bit of a surprise: a digital comic focused on superhero fashion.

"Heroine Chic" launched today on the LINE Webtoon site, as the latest American series on the Korean-born digital comics platform. Written by Tischman, the series is illustrated by newcomer Audrey Mok, with the first three chapters now available. New chapters are set to debut weekly; the series will run for a total of 130 pages.

Here's the official description: "Set in a New York City filled with superheroes, 'Heroine Chic's' main character is Zoe Porter, 24, a recent design school graduate who gets a dream job working for Dyna Cuff, the top designer of superhero costumes. Dyna is a fashion genius but a difficult boss, and her superhero clients are vain and insecure."

"Superheroes are aspirational -- and so is fashion," Tischman said in a statement. "We put on clothes and we become someone else. Our secret identity is when we're naked, standing in the closet, trying to figure out who we're going to be that day."

Tischman's past credits include Vertigo series "American Century" and "Bite Club," co-written with Chaykin, and licensed work at IDW including "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Angel."

LINE Webtoon launched in the US in 2014, after existing for 10 years in Korea. "Heroine Chic" joins prior English-language series on the platform including new installments of Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri's "Cyber Force."

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