David & Sliney Bring "Spider-Man 2099" Back To The Present

Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, has really taken the "with great power comes great responsibility" mantra of his Spidey predecessor to heart. Since his introduction in 1992, he's shouldered Herculean duties like using his spider powers to bring justice to the dystopian, corporation-dominated future from which he hails. Recently, though, he was flung backwards in time to the present and given an even more difficult task: making sure his world never becomes the reality of the Marvel Universe.

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In the most recent volume of "Spider-Man 2099", Miguel's co-creator Peter David and artist Will Sliney chronicled the first leg of the future Spidey's modern day quest as tried to push his grandfather and the newly-formed Alchemax onto a better path -- a task that was cut short by the outbreak of "Secret Wars." David and Sliney will continue Miguel's adventures this October with an All-New, All-Different volume of "Spider-Man 2099" that finds Miguel with a new job and a new costume.

CBR News spoke with David and Sliney about their Spidey's new duds, new job and some of the characters and threats he'll be encountering in his new series.

CBR News: Peter and Will, in addition to collaborating on the last volume of "Spider-Man 2099," you are currently working together on "Secret Wars 2099" and, once that series wraps, you're launching a new "Spider-Man 2099" series. What have you come to enjoy most about chronicling Miguel's adventures?

Peter David: Well, I've been around since the beginning and created him from scratch, so naturally I have a deep attachment to him. That's going to happen when you build someone from the ground up. And I'm just thrilled for the massive fan support that prompted Marvel to ask me to come back on board. Plus working with Will has been great.

Will Sliney: It's great. I'm delighted to get to stay working with Peter on a character who I really enjoy being a part of his story. Artistically, I have always enjoyed drawing the acrobatic nature of Miguel. That suit doesn't hide any anatomy so it really allowed me to show off his dynamism, which is great for any artist.

The change up in Miguel between the titles ["Spider-Man 2099" and "Secret Wars 2099"] was fun to do but it's great to be back telling the modern day storyline we began over a year ago.

One of the most apparent changes made to Miguel upon his return in this new volume is his new costume. What can you tell us about the story and editorial reasons for Miguel's new Spider suit?

David: That wasn't actually my idea. The notion of changing the outfit came from the editors. They felt it made sense for Peter [Parker] to redesign Miguel's costume, especially since Peter himself has had so many. Ultimately I'm pleased with what was come up with, although I will miss the previous one.

Sliney: Kris Anka designed a great suit. I don't want to give too much away but if you look closely at the design variant cover that was solicited, you can see some of the unique features that the suit will have.

One of the things Peter directed me on when we started the first volume was that Miguel will always glide rather than web swing, which allowed for some really powerful poses. I would expect the new suit to have a few tricks in there.

I understand a new costume won't be the only change for Miguel when you pick things up with him in the new "Spider-Man 2099" #1. What can you tell us about his status quo?

David: He will be working for Parker Industries as the head of the New York office and will be overseeing R&D. On the other hand, he has his own, private interests that he will be pursing that are related to 2099.

Will, what's your sense of Miguel when this new volume begins? Which aspects of his character do you want to make sure you capture and bring forth in your art?

Sliney: I've always wanted to have a slight edge to the way I draw Miguel. From the original run I always got that sense to him, so I always wanted to show him looking more powerful and razor sharp than the regular Spider-Man. That may change, though, with the new series. It's hard to say anything without spoiling the book.

Who are some of the supporting players we'll meet in this new volume? Are there some returning characters or are you dealing with all-new faces? And will Peter Parker himself have a role to play in the series?

David: Miguel will have his own support staff, including a new hire named Roberta Mendez -- who is of course Captain America 2099, even though he doesn't realize that. At least not immediately. The Alchemax crew will also continue to be a presence in the book. And yes, Peter will be showing up and play a major role.

What sort of hints can you offer up about the villains that will test Miguel's mettle in the first few issues? With Peter Parker not always in New York, might we see Miguel going toe to toe with some of Spidey's classic rogues?

David: I'm keeping a lid on who he'll be facing because it would give away too many story points, but yes, there will be some classic Spidey villains in the mix.

Will, what's it like bringing these villains to life? Are you getting a chance to redesign any classic Marvel foes or design any new ones?

Sliney: One of my favorite parts of the last series was coming up with new villains like the Adjustor and redesigning the Scorpion. Right now I have some unseen designs in my sketchbook for what we have coming up.

How will the overall look of this new volume of "Spidey 2099" compare to the previous volume?

Sliney: It should be quite similar. Like every artist, my style evolves over time as we are always learning. But I do like to focus on things like very clear storytelling and some nicely rendered figure work and facial expressions.

Finally, what teases can you leave us with about the action Miguel becomes embroiled in during this first arc of the new "Spider-Man 2099"?

David: Honestly? None. To tell you what happens would blow the shock ending of issue #1 and I'd rather not do that.

Sliney: This one starts off really fast, so I would advise people to read it as soon as it comes out. I will say too that the opening scene is probably the most fun and unique scenario I have ever drawn in comics.

The all-new "Spider-Man 2099" #1 glides into stores on October 14.

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