David Ramsey Wants To See Bruce Wayne On "Arrow"

In an interview with Collider, "Arrow" actor David Ramsey said something that a lot of "Arrow" viewers can agree with. The man who plays John Diggle isn't satisfied to just share the screen with DC heroes like Arrow, Black Canary and Arsenal. No, he wants a heavy-hitter on "Arrow"; David Ramsey wants Bruce Wayne on the CW drama.

"You know what I would like? It's never going to happen, or maybe it will," began Ramsey, teasing out his answer to a question about other DC characters he'd like to see on "Arrow." "I don't want to see Batman, but I would love to see Bruce Wayne. Maybe he's part of the League of Assassins, right now. Maybe he watched in horror as Oliver Queen was pushed off the cliff, or maybe he watched and it wasn't so much in horror. Maybe he's just joined the League, or maybe he's been part of it for years. Who knows? Maybe he's a billionaire who visits Starling. I don't know. But, I would love to see that. As big as Ray Palmer is, with his billionaire persona, it ain't Bruce Wayne. I would just love to see Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen together."

It sounds like Ramsey has every angle covered when it comes to working Wayne into the "Arrow"-verse. And Ramsey's not the first cast member to campaign for Batman's inclusion on "Arrow." Stephen Amell jumped on the crossover bandwagon just a few months after "Gotham's" premiere and expressed an interest in giving fans what they want.

"I know the logistics are challenging and the politics are above my pay grade, but in the interest of putting the best product forth for the fans," Amell told USA Today back in December. "I don't think we should limit ourselves to 'Flash' and 'Arrow' crossing over because we're both on the CW. If you're owned by Warner Bros., or if you're just in the DC Universe, everything should be in play."

To keep an eye out for possible -- albeit unlikely -- Bruce Wayne cameos, you can watch "Arrow" on Wednesdays on the CW.

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