David Petersen and Paolo Rivera among Spectrum finalists

The gold and silver finalists were selected over the weekend for the 20th Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual, which honors the best in fantasy, science fiction and horror art.

Tor.com has the complete rundown of the nominees in all the categories, ranging from advertising to books to concept art -- readers will recognize such names as Shaun Tan, Charles Vess, Dan Dos Santos and Greg Ruth -- but what we're really interested in are the comics finalists. You'll find those below, with their art.

The winners will be announced at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, held May 17-19 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The gold and silver finalists in the comics category are:

Jennifer L. Meyer, Aesop's Ark, Chapter 2, Page 2

David Petersen, Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #4, Page 19

Paolo Rivera, Daredevil #10

Paolo Rivera, Captain America #1

João Ruas, Fables #121

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