David Mack talks new Kabuki figures and feature film projects

On his own message boards at http://www.comicscommunity.com/boards/mack/ Kabuki and Daredevil artist David Mack talked about a few updates from Comic-Con International in San Diego last week.

On Saturday at CCI David Mack and Clayton Moore signed free Kabuki Action figures for hundreds of delighted fans, but after the event, David spoke with Clayton about the next wave of Kabuki figures. "After Clay and I were done signing at the Diamond booth, I had a great discussion about the next wave of Kabuki action figures which will be distributed by Diamond Select," said Mack in a post on his message board. "Scarab will definitely be next. Then Siamese. We talked at length about the details and things are going great."

Diamond Select is also currently producing the full scale Kabuki Sickle replica. "I'm looking forward to showing (fans) the designs on this," said Mack. "I also had a lot of fun speaking at both Image and Marvel Knight panels. The crowds that showed up were a delight."

Additional highlights from the Con included meeting the fans themselves. "The best thing about the entire Con, was the great positivity and excitement that you could feel from all of the readers," Mack continued. "We were real happy about that. Bendis and I were discussing, how on the net there often seems to be a rudeness, and cynicism among a lot of the online comic communities. It was great to be reminded that that is not the true attitude of the real comics community. It was great to feel such friendliness and positive expectations from all of the readers and artists alike that we interacted with. So I want to thank every one who showed up!

"Bill Sienkewiez stopped by our booth to pick up his copy of Metamorphosis. Was great to see him. We had a nice talk. We mentioned that is was two years ago that he, I, and Bendis had met to discuss working together on a Marvel project that fell through," Mack remembered.

After the Con, David traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Fox Studios regarding production on the upcoming Kabuki animated film. "I had a meeting at the FOX studios about the Kabuki film and it went GREAT," Mack said. "I feel like we are really on track with this film. There is a lot more I'd like to say about it, but I should wait to make sure it is ok to speak of it. So hopefully there will be announcements about this in the not to distant future."

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