David Mack talks 'Kabuki' movie

[Kabuki]David Mack, creator of "Kabuki", announced today on his message boards that big things are now happening in the development of a "Kabuki" feature film.

"After two and a half years of developing Kabuki as an animated film (with me working for FOX as a writer, co-producer, visual designer, and creative consultant), a new division of Fox has taken over the project and decided to do it as live action," Mack said. "We just closed the main deal for this and are now rolling on the project.

"It is very exciting. I'm learning all kinds of new ways to work. The PERFECT actress for it has already been discussed and approached for the role. Lots of great things happening, but I can't talk about any of them yet due to disclosure agreements. I will update you as I am able to! Be very excited!"

Mack also provided news regarding the latest info on the creation of a Scarab action figure.

"I gave the OK on the final version of the action figure," he said. "It looks great. And as soon as Scarab comes out, all the rest of the action figures will come out every couple months afterward. I also gave the OK on the final versions of the rest of the Noh Masks and the box art today. They look great. Can't wait to get them."

"Kabuki," published by Image Comics, is the story of a female Japanese covert agent for a secret agency called The Noh in a near-future Japan. Mack created and published the first "Kabuki" comic as part of his graduating thesis for his BA in Graphic Design. "Scarab," also published by Image Comics, follows the adventures of another agent of The Noh.

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