David Lynch Hints He's Interested in a Twin Peaks Season 4

writer/director david lynch has now casually dropped a hint he's not done with the world of twin peaks. specifically, he says one particular character's arc is "calling" to him, suggesting he has some ideas stirring for a follow-up to 2017's hit revival season.

as reported by twitter user scott meisner, lynch was asked at a recent q&a session if he has more stories to tell surrounding carrie page, laura palmer's doppelgänger, who was introduced in the third season. "it is calling, but there are a lot of disturbances," lynch reportedly responded, in a typically cryptic fashion for the creator.

even if lynch is serious about tackling more twin peaks himself, it'll likely take a number of years before a fourth season actually hits the airwaves -- the third season took five years to develop and shoot its 18 episodes, after all.

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however, it's clear twin peaks wouldn't return without lynch at the helm as writer (alongside mark frost) and director of the series.

twin peaks: the return aired weekly on showtime throughout spring/summer 2017 to praise from critics and mixed results from longtime fans of the franchise. in a similar fashion to the cliffhanger ending of the original twin peaks run -- and its 1992 prequel film, fire walk with me, which did little to nothing to resolve the ending -- the return ended with a plethora of unanswered questions, frustrating some viewers who hoped for some closure after 25 or so years for fresh twin peaks content.

(via screenrant)

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