David Hasselhoff Envisions 'Fast & Furious'-Style 'Knight Rider' Revival

David Hasselhoff may be appearing alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron in the "Baywatch" movie, but the 1980s and '90s icon has his eye on the revival of another television property: "Knight Rider."

A big-screen adaptation of the '80s action series has been rumored for a few years, but the 63-year-old actor tells Variety he has his own ideas for the return of Michael Knight and KITT

“I see it as more of a continuation of the TV series, and they can add new characters or whatever, but they should basically keep the same feeling of the show," he says. "There are so many people out there that will absolutely freak out and love it."


Hasselhoff starred in the original "Knight Rider," which aired from 1982 to 1986, as a field agent for a public justice organization who fights crime in the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), an artificially intelligent Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Hasselhoff reprised the role in two television movies, 1991's "Knight Rider 2000" 2008's "Knight Rider," both of which were intended to lead to new series (they didn't).

As the actor explains, his vision for "Knight Rider" would look to another franchise for inspiration: “It would be Michael Knight kind of coming out of retirement with his son and having adventures around the world, and doing a ‘Fast and Furious’ with the Knight Rider car. How cool does that sound? How cool could it be? [...] I’d love to turn ‘Knight Rider’ into a real franchise."


Whether Hasselhoff's ideas has anything to do with the mysterious trailer for "Knight Rider Heroes" that popped up in December remains to be seen.

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