David Goyer To Have Writing Stint on "Superman/Batman"

When DC Comics announced that Jeph Loeb would be ending his run on "Superman/Batman" with issue 25, comic fans were left wondering who would take over chronicling the adventures of the World's Finest.

CBR News has learned the identity of one of the writers that will be working on the comic after Loeb's departure. In a recent interview "Blade Trinity" writer/director and "Batman Begins" writer David Goyer told CBR News, "I'm talking about doing 3 or 4 issues of 'Superman/Batman.' I was just talking to Dan Didio and I said, 'What artists can you get me?' and he said, 'I've got a couple of ideas.'"

Look for more of Goyer's interview with CBR tomorrow, where he discusses "Blade," "Batman Begins" and the possibility of collaborating with Geoff Johns again on "JSA."

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