David Gabriel joins Marvel Publishing Staff

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics is pleased to announce to addition of David Gabriel to itsgrowing publishing staff. Gabriel has joined Marvel as Manager, SalesAdministration, Publishing, where he'll work to establish and maintainrelationships with Marvel Comics buyers, retailers and vendors in thebookstore and direct markets, as well as identifying and establishing newmarkets for Marvel comic books and graphic novels.

A veteran of the comic book industry, Gabriel is founder of the New YorkCity Comic Book Museum (http://www.nyccbm.org), a non-profit organizationestablished in 1999 to preserve the historical and artistic legacy of comicbook culture, and to promote preservation, literacy, education andentertainment through comics.

"I'm extremely excited by this opportunity to work for Marvel Comics," saysGabriel. "My father always said, 'Reading those comic magazines will get younowhere.' Oh, how times have changed.

"Now that the influence of comic books on popular culture is at an all-timehigh, there isn't a more exciting and important time to work for Marvel. Ithink my tag line when I meet with buyers is simply going to be, 'Have youbeen to the movies lately?'"

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