David Finch's Youngblood Variant Recalls Series' 1992 Debut


Rob Liefeld’s “Youngblood” is getting another shot later this year, and the Image Comics relaunch has already secured a variant cover from “Batman” artist David Finch. Finch’s cover art is a direct homage of the original cover of “Youngblood's” debut issue in 1992.

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Finch is perhaps best known for taking over Top Cow Productions’ “Cyberforce” after writer and co-creator Marc Silvestri left the project. Finch has also worked with Marvel and DC on titles like “New Avengers” and “Brightest Day.” He would later go on to work with Grant Morrison on “Batman.”

Liefeld’s “Youngblood” first debuted 1987 as a backup feature in “Megaton: Explosion” before being picked up by Image Comics in 1992. The series follows a super team whose actions are sanctioned by the United States government and includes characters like an ex-FBI agent who uses a magnet-propelled bow and a teen who has been transformed into a living rock monster. The series eventually fell off in the mid-'90s when Liefeld left Image Comics. It came back briefly in 2008, and again in 2012.

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“Youngblood” #1 is planned for release later this year. The series will be written by Liefeld and Chris Sims, with art by Jim Towe.

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