David Finch Teaches Drawing Skills on New Gnomon DVDs

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The Gnomon Workshop, the industry leader in professional training for artists in the entertainment and design fields, has released a new collection of Dynamic Figure Drawing DVDs by well known DC Comics artist David Finch. As a veteran comic book illustrator who recently joined DC Comics following his tenure at Marvel Comics, Finch offers his wisdom and techniques through three volumes that each focus on specific areas of figure drawing, Volume 1: The Head, Volume 2: Hands and Feet and Volume 3: The Body.

The new Dynamic Figure Drawing DVD collection focuses on teaching the techniques artists need in order to draw the human figure from multiple angles and poses without the need for tracing and using reference. Each volume covers specific areas of anatomy that are often difficult for artists to visualize and translate from their imagination to paper. Finch breaks down the human figure to easily understood forms and reveals some easy to remember shortcuts and tricks for making your figures more convincing. Further, he covers male and female differences in all three titles, and he also delves into exaggerating the form to create realistic-looking fantasy characters. The Dynamic Figure Drawing titles will also help any artist that needs to visualize various human poses, such as a storyboard artist or animator.

Dynamic Figure Drawing Volume 1: The HeadVolume 1 reveals David Finch's step-by-step process for drawing the human head, focusing on important landmarks, features and proportions. Beginning with a basic head shape, he demonstrates the structural breakdown from multiple angles and then proceeds to focus on the various features including eyes, noses, lips, ears, necks and hair. During the DVD, Finch brings all elements together to draw a series of completed heads, from basic male and female heads to heroic examples. He also covers lighting on a simplified head shape to help students understand the governing rules of dark and light shape placements. Additionally, Finch offers a wide range of tips and tricks for making the head more life-like and convincing without relying on reference material.

Dynamic Figure Drawing Volume 2: Hands and FeetIn Volume 2, David Finch demonstrates his process for drawing hands and feet starting with simple block shapes before moving on to more complex shapes and how to correctly place fingers and toes. Finch discusses how to avoid common mistakes and demonstrates some easy shortcuts and tricks, including use of negative space and dynamic folding between the fingers and thumb. Lastly, he draws completed hands and feet from multiple angles, teaching the differences between male and female hands and subjects like claws, fingernail details and shoes. This constructive drawing process teaches students to draw convincing hands and feet without the need for tracing or reference.

Dynamic Figure Drawing Volume 3: The BodyFinch's process for drawing the human body is revealed in the final Volume 3. He starts with simple tube form shapes and then reviews the placement of muscle throughout both the male and female bodies. Finch demonstrates how to pose a simple tube form effectively, allowing an artist to draw a figure in perspective and in a variety of poses. Balance, posture, presentation, line weight and lighting are discussed as Finch puts all of the elements together to draw fully realized bodies in a variety of intricate poses, proportions and details.

David Finch began his comic book career at the age of 22. He created top sellers Ascension and Aphrodite IX, with Aphrodite IX debuting as the number one comic book in the industry. In 2001 he went to Marvel comics where his catalog of work included Call of Duty, Ultimate X-Men, Avengers Disassembled and The New Avengers. Finch then turned his attention to working with Lost, Heroes and Smallville executive producer, Jeph Loeb, on Marvel's smash hit Ultimatum. In 2010 Finch transitioned to DC Comics and his artwork will be featured on the covers for the upcoming follow up to Darkest Night, entitled Brightest Day. In addition to his comic career, David has also worked in video games, music and film.

David Finch's Dynamic Figure Drawing titles are available on DVD and digital download for $39 each and are also featured in Gnomon Workshop's training subscription plans. For more details about Gnomon Workshop's DVD library please visit: www.thegnomonworkshop.com.

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