David Finch Art Teases Epic Scale of Batman's I Am Bane Storyline


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for “Batman” #16 by Tom King and David Finch, on sale now.

The first chapter of Tom King and David Finch's "I Am Bane" arc arrived in this week's "Batman" #16, and while the titular villain was nowhere to be seen in the issue, his presence loomed large throughout.

Though much of the issue dealt with defining the current family dynamic between Batman, his three Robins and new recruit Duke Thomas, the final page made no bones about where things are headed once Bane decides to confront the Bat-family face to face. The man who once broke the Bat is in Gotham City, and he plans to do more than injure the Dark Knight this time around.

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While it makes sense to presume that the storyline is leading to a one on one showdown between Batman and Bane, King took to Twitter today to reveal a piece of art from an upcoming chapter that indicates we're going to see a number of familiar faces join the fracas before the pair get up close and personal. "I'm probably not allowed to share this, but I wanted you to see how epic this I Am Bane gets," King writes. "And how damn good David Finch is."

I'm probably not allowed to share this, but I wanted you to see how epic this I Am Bane gets. And how damn good David Finch is. pic.twitter.com/uDzKBKZzOl

— Tom King (@TomKingTK) February 1, 2017

Whether this is an in-story splash page or previously unreleased cover, it indicates that before the crossover is said and done, it appears we'll see Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Hush and more of Batman's rogues gallery play a part in Bane's plot for revenge.

Tom King and David Finch's "I Am Bane" continues to unfold in “Batman” #17, on sale February 15.

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