Wonder Comics Writer David F. Walker Launches New Comic Company

Writer David F. Walker has announced he's launching his own comic book company called Solid Comix.

Walker will use this company to self-publish various creator-owned limited series and graphic novels. The first work published under Solid Comix will be five-issue wrestling series One Fall by Walker and artist Brett Weldele, with input from fellow writer Ted Pirro. It is scheduled to release this spring. It will be followed by a mysterious graphic novel called The Hated with artist Sean Damien Hill.

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"Solid Comix is a small publishing company I've started to create and release projects near and dear to my heart -- limited series and original graphic novels written and co-created by me, and drawn by a host of talented artists," Walker said in an official statement. "I'm still working with other publishers, and have several major projects coming out over the next several years. But there are also projects that I want to do, which for a variety of reasons simply make more sense to publish myself."

"For those of you that don’t know, my writing career began in 1996 with the self-published 'zine BadAzz MoFo," he added. "Not only were did BadAzz MoFo contain my first published comic book stories; it was also my introduction to the comic industry. Every great professional opportunity I’ve had sprang from the work I did as a self-publisher. And that’s why I’m getting back to my self-publishing roots with Solid Comix."

Welcome to Solid Comix. As a comic book writer I have been fortunate enough to work for such incredible publishers as...

Posted by Solid Comix on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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Walker currently writes Naomi for DC Comics with Brian Michael Bendis and Jamal Campbell; Superb with Nilah Magruder for Lion Forge; and the creator-owned Bitter Root with Sanford Greene for Image Comics. He has also written characters such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, the Avengers and Nighthawk at Marvel.

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