David Embroils "Spider-Man 2099" in the Chaos of "Spider-Verse"

The Marvel Universe is filled with potential futures, though some appear to be more likely than others. In one of the publisher's most popular possible futures, a super-powered scientist named Miguel O'Hara was inspired by the heroic legacy of Peter Parker to become the Spider-Man of his time, 2099. These days, Miguel is getting a chance to witness the exploits of his inspiration first hand, having found himself stranded in the current year, his distant past.

In "Spider-Man 2099," writer -- and Miguel's co-creator -- Peter David and artist Will Sliney chronicle the hero's present day exploits to make his future a better place by fighting crime in his heroic identity. Of course he's also attempting to reform his grandfather Tyler Stone and the corrupt megacorporation he helped found, Alchemex.

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In "Spider-Man 2099" #6, David and Sliney take their time tossed protagonist on journey across multiple realities as they kick of their series tie-in to the "Spider-Verse" crossover event, which is pitting "every Spider-Man ever" against the Inheritors, the dimension hopping family of the villainous Morlun. We spoke with David about the arc, The Spider-Men and Women Miguel will find himself working with, and teaming with his Spider-Man 2099 co-creator, artist Rick Leonardi, on issue #5 of the series' current volume

CBR News: For "Spider-Man 2099" #5, you reunited with artist Rick Leonardi, who you co-created the title character with back in 1992. How did it feel to be back working with Rick on a Miguel O'Hara story?

Peter David: It was wonderful. One of my favorite memories in comics' history was when we had the first writer/artist get together for 2099. Rick and I sat off to the side and I described what I wanted Spidey's costume to look like, and Rick was drawing it and adding stuff to it. We had this great give and take, and I only wish I'd had the brains to swipe the artwork. In any event, I love that Rick was back with this issue, and I only hope he has the opportunity to make another visit.

In that issue, you and Rick set Miguel on the path to "Spider-Verse." As a writer, what do you find most interesting about this crossover? How does it feel bringing a character you created into an event featuring "every Spider-Man ever?"

What I love about it most is hearing ["Amazing Spider-Man" writer] Dan Slott talk about it. He is so enthusiastic and loves describing various bits of business that he's come up with for it. I'm just pleased to have the chance to be a part of it.

What's it like for Miguel to be a part of the large group of Spider characters gathering in "Spider-Verse?" Is he a team player?

He's definitely a team player. He winds up having a close relationship with one of them in particular, Lady Spider. I think he finds her Steampunk origins to be especially interesting. She has something of a scientific background, just as he does, but it naturally has a very old style feel to it, and that intrigues him.

What can you tell us about what Miguel and Lady Spider will be up to? What sorts of roles will they play, and what mission will they undertake for the larger group of Spider characters?

They will be putting their background to fairly good use. For one thing, they will be leading one of the Morlun family on a chase through 2099, and will also be doing some scientific investigation and dissection. Eventually, they will wind up assembling a rather interesting piece of technology to be of use in the final battle.

Will you be checking in with Alchemex and Miguel's bosses during your "Spider-Verse" tie-ins? What is the company up to while Miguel is off fighting alongside the other Spider heroes?

Oh yes indeed. Alchemax and Tyler Stone will be active and unwilling participants in everything that goes down. They are back with issue #6.

The "Spider-Verse" tie-in issues close out 2014 for Miguel and company - what can we expect from "Spider-Man 2099" in 2015?

There's going to be some serious spillover into 2099 as a result of the crossover that will compel Spider-Man to return to 2014 in order to fix it. Except he may not be able to make the return trip.

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