David E. Kelley to Adapt Stephen King's 'Mr. Mercedes' For TV

Sonar Entertainment is developing Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes as a limited series, Deadline reports. Adapting the hard-boiled detective novel, a first for the legendary horror author, will be David E. Kelley, the veteran writer and producer behind such hit series as Ally McBeal and The Practice.

Kelley will provide the scripts for the limited series while Lost alum Jack Bender will direct. Both are attached as executive producers.

"This is an amazing opportunity to adapt a script from material penned by one of the world’s most acclaimed and accomplished authors," Kelley said in a statement. "Mr. Mercedes is a great story that will translate beautifully to the screen if I don’t mess it up."

While the novel isn't one of King's classic tales of horror, it does have a bit of a gruesome factor to it. The novel follows a killer who commits murders by driving his Mercedes -- hence the nickname Mr. Mercedes -- into crowds, killing people indiscriminately. Hot on his trail is a retired cop who makes it his goal to bring the killer car driver to justice. Mr. Mercedes is the first in an expected trilogy of novels; the next installment, Finders Keepers, will be released by Scribner in May.

No network or distribution method has been named for Mr. Mercedes.

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