David Duchovny Wants to Believe Another <i>X-Files</i> Movie is Possible

Do you want a new The X-Files movie? Well, David Duchovny does too, and he says it's up to the fans to make it happen.

The Californication star recently visited The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he was asked about the status of The X-Files. Duchovny's answer surprised us, because he genuinely seems to want to return to the franchise -- and think it's feasible.

"We always want to [return to The X-Files]," he said. "Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson and I, we’re always on board. You want to write Fox and get ‘em going. You could wheel me out. I’ll play Fox Mulder forever."

Of course, Duchovny and Anderson are a little busy right now, as the former still has Californication and the latter just had a pilot picked up by NBC -- plus she's playing Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in Hannibal. Still, Carter hasn't had anything major since The X-Files: I Want to Believe came out, so he likely would be happy to return.

There is a plan for a The X-Files 3, if it ever was to come to fruition. As /Film reports, producer Frank Spotnitz told Den of Geek, "I’ve known for many years what I would like the movie to be and I’ve been talking to Chris Carter about it for many years, but there is no script." It sounds like if the fans want that script, which is supposedly about "the climax of the alien colonization story that began the series," they could soon have it.

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