David Duchovny Opens Up On 'X-Files' Revival

Now that Fox's revival of '90s Sunday night staple The X-Files is officially locked for a six-episode run, the stars of the series are making the rounds and spilling the beans on the conspiracy drama's future.

The New York Times today published a new interview with Fox Mulder actor David Duchovny where the lead revealed that as far as he knew, the new run would embrace both the "Monster of the Week" nature of the show as well as its expansive mythology. "We’re gonna do both. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna begin and end with the mythology. But I really don’t know," he said. Though the actor confirmed that the new episodes would film in Vancouver – taking advantage of the misty atmosphere that added a spooky tone to the original's proceedings.

Reflecting on the series' legacy, Duchovny said, "It kind of introduced specialized knowledge, though you didn’t have to do homework to watch the show. They were always kind of juggling about what people needed to know, especially when we made the movies. Can we get somebody in who’s never seen this? And I’m sure we’ll have to juggle that again with this iteration of it."

As for what it will be like to step back into the role of Agent Mulder, he explained, "I think I’ll be nervous on the day. When I’m in a scene with Gillian, I think we’ll both be like, this is so weird. And I think we’ve both gotten better as we’ve gotten older, so how do we bring that to bear on these characters? If I were to look back at the first or second year of the show, I wouldn’t try to act like that guy. I’m capable of doing more. She’s capable of doing more. It’ll be interesting to see how we keep the characters the same but also the actors are better.

"The good things are working with Chris [Carter] and Gillian again, and getting to do this show again and see what we’ve got. I’m as curious as anybody else. I’m amazed that there’s still an appetite for it and I’m touched. I think the frame of the show is so expansive and so unique and so influential, that it should feel present."

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