David Ayer Doesn't Regret Suicide Squad: 'Not For a Second'


While opinion remains divided on 2016's Suicide Squad, its director hasn't let any of the bad reviews or negative fan reactions get to him. In response to a fan question, David Ayer tweeted that he doesn't regret his involvement with the film.

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"Not for a second. Not for one second," he wrote. "I got to work with amazing people. It won an Oscar, did incredible business. Launched a franchise and spinoff. And like it or not it’s halfway to cult status. I grew as a person, grew creatively. Warners took a chance on me. I’m grateful."

Ayer makes some salient points that are often forgotten about when looking back on the villain-focused feature, especially that it won an Academy Award -- for Best Makeup and Hairstyling -- something most superhero movies don't even come close to accomplishing. The film also managed to turn Harley Quinn into an even bigger star and a household name, with multiple spinoffs planned with Margot Robbie reprising her role.

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Suicide Squad also brought Ayer together with one of the stars of his next film Bright, which debuts Dec. 22 on Netflix. Will Smith took a chance to step outside of his usual milieu to play the amoral assassin Deadshot in Suicide Squad, and must have enjoyed working with Ayer because he returned for Bright, a movie about a world where magical and non-magical beings live alongside each other.

All in all, Suicide Squad seemed to be quite the positive work experience for Ayer, who's attached to direct the spinoff Gotham City Sirens.

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