Suicide Squad’s Reviews Left David Ayer ‘Gun Shy’ Going into Bright

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The negative critical response to Suicide Squad left director David Ayer feeling "gun shy" going into Bright. According to a new report, the director tried to ensure he didn't repeat any of the same mistakes in his latest project.

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The DC Extended Universe hasn't had the smoothest ride since its inception with 2013's Man of Steel. The Zack Snyder-helmed feature offered a much darker take on Superman, alienating some fans along the way, but establishing something very different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Unfortunately, outside of Wonder Woman, the DCEU has yet to take off, with every other release having been skewered by critics and audiences alike. However, none of the films have been criticized as heavily as Ayer's Suicide Squad, which was dubbed “mind-boggling stupid" and "unexciting," among other things. So, going into Bright for Netflix, the director was rightfully nervous, though eager to correct his previous mistakes.

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s like going to the boxing ring and getting knocked out is how it felt. And I had to go into the ring again. And directing is a confidence game, because you’re selling everyone on something that only exists in your head. The actors have to feel that confidence to trust that you know what you’re doing, and so does your crew. As a director, you set the tone. Really, it’s coming off that movie, I understood the pitfalls, I understood the dangers, I knew where the alligators hide, you know? And so I made damn sure I didn’t repeat any mistakes.”

Unfortunately for Ayer, critics weren't any less harsh on Bright. The film is currently sitting at 28% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been dubbed the "worst movie of 2017." Despite the poor reviews, though, Bright managed to pull in an astounding 11 million viewers in its first weekend on the streaming service, and a sequel was quickly greenlit with Ayer set to return as both writer (in place of Max Landis) and director. With full creative control, perhaps Ayer can deliver a project along the lines of Fury and End of Watch, two of his most successful films to date.

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Directed by David Ayer from a script by Max Landis and starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Édgar Ramírez, Ike Barinholtz, Happy Anderson and Dawn Olivieri, Bright is now streaming on Netflix.

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