David Arquette Left Bloody & Beaten in Wrestling Deathmatch

Lifelong wrestling fan and actor David Arquette just took the meaning of the word "deathmatch" to a whole new level after getting a horrific neck injury at a Game Changer Wrestling event held in Los Angeles Friday night.

Fighting Nick Gage in a no-holds-barred brawl that involved everything from chairs to pizza cutters, the injury occurred when Gage smashed light tubes over Arquette's head, resulting in a severe cut to his neck. Blood was seen immediately pour out of Arquette's neck. Recognizing the situation was dire, Arquette walked out the ring.

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More videos of the incident can be seen here, although we do warn they are extremely graphic. Arquette would somehow return to finish the match by being pinned, and would later update fans from a hospital that even though he was banged up, everything was fine and he was recovering.

Wrestling fans know Arquette's passion for the sport runs deep after winning the WCW World Heavyweight title in 2000, and from his starring role in the movie Ready To Rumble, a fictional story detailing his dream in the sports entertainment business. For now, it looks like Arquette just auditioned for a hardcore match in the WWE, which even Mick Foley would be proud of.

(via TMZ)

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