If you think zombies are doomed to moan and groan, think again. In the new graphic novel from Virgin Comics, "Dave Stewart's Zombie Broadway", the Big Apple suffers from a zombie infestation that leaves the mayor with only one hope short of nuking the city: putting the zombies on Broadway. Turns out zombies are not so different from you and me, and when the music's playing they sing and dance with the best of them.

Now Virgin Comics and the Eurythmics star want to find out if you can, too. To celebrate the launch of the comic, we are running a Karaoke Competition on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/ZombieKaraoke) which features a brand new song written by Dave Stewart and Mike Bradford.

The rules and prizes are listed on the site, but to give you an overview: to enter, contestants watch the Zombie Broadway karaoke video and then record themselves singing along. They then upload their files as video replies to the karaoke video. Dave Stewart will personally select the winners: the grand prize winner receives a N81-3 Nokia cell (retail value of over $500), a $50 gift certificate to Midtown Comics, a copy of "Zombie Broadway" signed by Dave Stewart, and a collection of Virgin comic books. Four runner-ups receive the autographed copy of "Zombie Broadway" and the collection of Virgin comic books.

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