Dave Sim Returns to "Cerebus" with New Special, 40th Anniversary Series Planned

It was going to be a cold day in Hell before we ever saw another "Cerebus" comic, but as luck would have it the temperature in Eternal Damnation has dropped precipitously.

Dave Sim will return to the "Cerebus" universe he created this September with "Cerebus in Hell?" #0, a new special that picks up after the final issue of the long-running series. The series, which ran for 27 years and has long been considered a defining work of the comics medium, has not seen any official additions to the storyline since its completion in 2004. Bleeding Cool first reported the news, which was confirmed by an official listing on PreviewsWorld.com.

The solicitation for the special reads as follows:


(W) Dave Sim (A) Dave Sim & Various (CA) Dave Sim, Hieronymus Bosch

The first new Cerebus comic since 2004! Where has Cerebus been since he died twelve years ago? Is he in hell? Purgatory? Limbo? Some strange 1980 disco with links to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Henry Kissinger? Some ancient Greek disco with links to Plato, Socrates, Aristotle? Some 1990s disco with links to The Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays, and Oasis? Is he stuck inside his own Cerebus Online Disco Twitter-feed? Well, wherever he is, he deserves it, so feel free to laugh at his misfortune! This one shot leads into the Cerebus In Hell? 4-issue mini-series in 2017 celebrating Cerebus' 40th-anniversary!

"Cerebus" follows the satirical misadventures of an anthropomorphic aardvark in his journey through life and, eventually, death. "Cerebus in Hell" is set to pick-up where the final issue left off, in which the lonely Cerebus was dragged off to the afterlife. The September release is slated as a single issue, with a four-issue follow-up in 2017 to celebrate the character's 40th anniversary.

The original run of "Cerebus," written by Sim and drawn by Sim and Gerhard, spans 300 issues and a staggering 6,000 pages, which might pose a challenge for anyone looking to catch up. Luckily, Sim recently offered free downloads of the first two volumes of "Cerebus" via his online store.

The first issue of "Cerebus in Hell" will be available September 28, 2016 from Aardvark-Vanaheim.

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