Dave Johnson, Mark Brooks Cosplay as Samurai Batman & Superman

Veteran comic book artists Dave Johnson and Mark Brooks were at Dragon Con over the weekend decked out in some very impressive cosplay outfits. Shared via Johnson's Facebook page, the photo shows the two dressed in samurai-themed Batman and Superman costumes, with helmets, katanas and insignias to match.

From the caption, we learn that Johnson donned the Batman outfit and Brooks the Superman one. Johnson said he hand crafted the suits from Rubbermaid garbage cans for Halloween years ago and decided to finally wear them in public since Dragon-Con is "literally at his back door."

Johnson is an Eisner Award winning artist renowned for his covers for titles across the industry. His current work includes contributions to DC Comics' "Batman" and "The Flash." Brooks, well known for his art on "Cable & Deadpool," "Ultimate X-Men" and "The Amazing Spider-Man," is currently lending his talents to Marvel's "Han Solo." series.

Dragon Con is Atlanta's annual pop culture festival that began in 1987. This year, the event was held from September 2 - September 5, and featured appearances from comic and cartoon notables such as Larry Hama, writer and inker Jimmy Palmiotti, and Ren & Stimpy creator Bob Camp. There were also several TV guests in attendance, including "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D." actor Brett Dalton, and Gillian Anderson, who is currently starring on the Netflix drama "The Fall."

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