Dave Gibbons' "Watchmen" Set Visit - Part 2

Dave Gibbons wrapped up the second of his two-part report from the set of "Watchmen," the Zack Snyder-directed film based on Gibbons and Alan Moore's legendary graphic novel. In a post to the official "Watchmen" blog, Gibbons wrote....

On the movie backlot, like a sailor on shore leave, I gawp in wonder at a New York City that never really was. Once a Canadian lumber yard, it's become a complex of American city streets.

At the corner, a Treasure Island store promises a bounty of pulp thrills; down the block, the Gunga Diner beckons, fully fitted out in chrome and purple leather and, over there, the Rumrunner sign looms luridly. Even the austere facade of the Institute For Extraspatial Studies can't spoil the gaudy fun.

On an upper floor, I spot the windows of the Judomaster Martial Arts Studio. I'm stopped in my tracks. Judomaster? Detail piles on dizzying detail.

Gibbons also indicated that he watched footage of Roschach pulling Nite Owl off a blooded Knot Top, flipped through an issue of "Black Freighter," and held in his hand a bloody smiley-face pin.

"Watchmen" is set for a March 6, 2009 release from Warner Bros. Pictures.


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