Dave Franco Opens 'The Intern's Handbook'

Dave Franco, fresh off his turn in Neighbors, is about to roll up his sleeves for an action vehicle of his own.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor has been tapped to star in The Intern's Handbook for Sony Pictures, based on the novel by Shane Kuhn. It follows John Lago, the rising star at an intern placement agency that serves as a front for a secret network of assassins. When he's set to assassinate a high-level executive, Lago finds his mission compromised by a beautiful FBI agent assigned with taking down the same target.

"We really feel like he's the next star," producer Neal Moritz said of Franco. "We just think he has immense talent as a leading man, and he's someone who can do humor. He's paid his dues. He's built a great resume of co-starring roles, and he's ready to be a lead. He's not some guy being plucked from nowhere and told he's the next big thing."

No release date is set yet, but if all goes well, Intern's Handbook would be the first film in a new franchise.

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