Date Night

I'll have a real column up tomorrow or Sunday, but in the meantime....

...you MUST see this.

Julie took me as a delayed Valentine's present.

I'm telling you, I haven't had that much fun at the movies in years. It's like every 1970s Roger Corman movie mashed into one beautiful hot mess. There's tough guys in shades. There's muscle cars ramming cop barricades manned by angry redneck troopers. There's hot babes. There's a villain that's a soft-spoken slimeball who wears bad silk shirts open to the waist. There's stuff that blows up. There's fightin' and shootin' and general badassery. And best of all, there is the brilliant William Fichtner as Satan's accountant.

Understand, this is probably going to get terrible reviews and it won't help Nicolas Cage's career at all, but God help me, I loved every gleefully unrepentant grindhouse second of Drive Angry. If you love Escape From New York or The Warriors or Vanishing Point or the original Death Race 2000 or Eat My Dust or Spacehunter or any of the other inspired schlock from that era, then this one's for you.

Trailer here. And the red band trailer, which feels a little more accurate in what the movie is like to watch, can be found here.

Best Valentine EVER. My wife is awesome.

The Flash #62

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