Darwyn Cooke talks technique, color and <i>Jonah Hex</i> #50

At Almost Darwyn Cooke's Blog, the artist himself offers a rare and welcomed look at his approach to Jonah Hex #50, which hits stores this week.

"It's always important to me to cite the influences that shape and inform my work," writes Cooke, who previously drew Issue 33 of the DC Comics series. "The technique applied to the inks on Hex is an amalgam of several great adventure artists filtered through the hand of a guy many are convinced normally inks with a corncob. Moebius, John Severin, Reed Crandall, Jack Davis and Walt Simonson all had immense effects on me as a young artist and you'll see that in the linework on Hex."

He goes on to heap praise on award-winning colorist Dave Stewart, saying, "his ability to grasp an approach and then take it somewhere you haven't been is the most exciting part of doing a book like this." Cooke also provides a sampling of more than two dozen panels from the double-sized issue which, needless to say, looks beautiful.

Meanwhile, the DC Universe blog marks the release of the anniversary issue with a little commentary from co-writer Justin Gray (Jimmy Palmiotti gets his turn on Wednesday): "Darwyn Cooke had very specific visual ideas that deviated from the script that increased the tension and emotion in what is one of the most emotional stories Jimmy and I have written for Jonah Hex. He imagined the scenes differently, which is what you want -- someone who looks at things with a unique perspective."

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